Unique Products

Unique Products

CuddlyCoo Tee Pee Tents
CuddlyCoo TeePee Tent can be your baby’s fun-filled nook, an activity corner or a cozy reading space. Engage your little one in hours of tech-free entertainment. See them love pretend plays, Crawl into their little tent, invoke the child in you and see them laugh and giggle. Create lasting memories with your baby with CuddlyCoo TeePee Tents!

Why CuddlyCoo Tee Pee Tents?
• Premium Cotton Canvas Tents
• Invokes your Child’s imagination
• Ideal for Pretend play, activity corner & Reading space
• Easy to set up and dismantle
• Uses unique screwing mechanism for the Pinewood dowels

• Can be installed by customer in under 5 minutes
• The product is designed and manufactured in India.
• The item is not waterproof and is for indoor play only. It cannot be used for camping and outdoor activitie

Age Group
1-10 years

Key Features
• Premium Cotton Canvas Tent
• Door and window ensures air flow
• Unique Screwing Mechanism ensures stability
• PineWood Dowels
• Washable
• Compact and easy to carry around

Items included in package
• TeePee Legs - 12 nos (Each leg is made of 3 pieces - one center piece and 2 side pieces)
• Cotton Canvas Tent
• String to hold the legs together

Made Of
Pine Wood, Cotton Canvas