Unique Products

Unique Products

CuddlyCoo Cotton Canvas Quilted Toddler Swing
CuddlyCoo Baby and Toddler swings are fun, exciting and comforting. You will love to see your baby laugh and giggle in these swings. They are made of cotton canvas with a soft quilt lining unlike plastic counterparts. Share a part of your childhood with your baby. Your baby deserves nothing but the best!!

Why CuddlyCoo Toddler Swings?
Cotton canvas Swing – No plastic materials used
Cocoon Like effect - Takes the shape of the baby making it cozy unlike plastic swings
Improves Sensory integration - Improves your baby's sensory coordination.
Depth Perception – Helps baby learn how far and deep an object is
Helps Your Baby Sleep Better - Helps settle immature brains into a restful peace
Balance - Swinging to and fro helps your child learn how to balance herself activating her senses.
Light And Easy To Carry Around – Weighs only 1.5 kg, easy to assemble & disassemble
Easy to wash and clean.

• It is recommended for babies who can sit up with/without support.
• Can be installed by customer in under 5 minutes.
• Ceiling Hook is mandatory
• The product is designed and manufactured in India.
• There are no plastic components used

Age Group
8-30 months. Ideal for babies weighing up to 15 kgs

Key Features
• Luxurious cotton swing made from cotton canvas with a soft quilt in the inside
• Light, portable and easy to assemble
• For indoors and outdoors
• Washable fabric which is easy to maintain

Items included in package
• Cotton canvas swing
• 4 wooden separators
• 6 wooden play rings
• Ceiling Hook
• Ceiling Rope
• 2 swing ropes
• 2 ‘S’ hooks

Made Of
Pine Wood, Cotton Canvas