Unique Products

Unique Products

CuddlyCoo Organic Baby Hammock with Stand
Welcome your newborn with the beautiful CuddlyCoo Baby Hammock. Putting your little one to sleep is easier with CuddlyCoo Baby Hammock - the ideal gift ensuring happy babies and happy parents. It helps newborn babies adapt to the new environment faster by mimicking the mother’s womb and its sensation, thus helping your newborn establish good sleeping patterns. Well rested babies play better, feed better and grow better. The baby Hammock hugs and cuddles the baby as in a womb hence the baby triggering an instinctive, deep relaxation in babies.
CuddlyCoo Baby Hammock with stand is ideal for households with no ceiling hook. It is compact and encompasses the goodness of a hammock and convenience of any cradle.

Why CuddlyCoo Baby Hammock with Stand?
The womb like effect - The safe, secure cocoon effect helps the baby get accustomed to the new environment
Relieves Colicky and Restless Babies – The natural reclining position help to relieve colic
Bye-Bye Flat head – It holds your baby from all sides and helps in distributing your baby's head weight evenly
Soft Breathable Fabric - The breathable organic cotton allows ample air flow
Compact and Light – Weighs only 7 kg, can be assembled and disassembled easily.
Make Tradition Trendy – Perfect replacement of the traditional saree palna suiting modern aesthetics

• It is recommended to start using the hammock for new born. Babies who have already adapted to sleeping on beds/baby cots may take time to adapt to the hammock.
• Requires self-assembly.Click Here to view assembly user guide.
• Bedding not provided nor recommended in the hammock to avoid the risk of suffocation.
• The product is designed and manufactured in India.
• There are no plastic components used.

Age Group
0-6 months. Ideal for babies weighing 3-9 kgs

Key Features
• Stand Features
Made of high quality pinewood
Easy to assemble & disassemble
Compact and light weight
Strong and sturdy
Specifically designed for CuddlyCoo Baby Hammock.
Allows optimum swinging of the hammock

• Hammock Features
Soft Organic Cotton fabric – Ensures Air Flow and Comfort
Ensures Rounded Head
Minimizes pressure on the developing spine of the baby
Cuddles and hugs the baby
Mosquito net keeps your baby protected

Items included in package
• Hammock stand leg attached to the triangle support - 2 numbers
• Hammock stand leg - 2 numbers
• Horizontal support bar with 2 hooks to hang the hammock
• Screws for fixing - 8 numbers
• Wooden dowels - 6 numbers for alignment before inserting screws
• Allen key
• Organic Cotton CuddlyCoo Baby Hammock

Made Of
Pine Wood, Organic Cotton